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In January 1999, sine Columbian Missionaries in partnership with friends opened the Center for Ecozoic Living and learning or CELL. The vision to open a center was inspired initially by the Columbian Missionary Society which in their 1988 General Assembly reflected on their experience of solidarity of the poor. They came to starlight insight: the system that denies the poor a livelihood is also a system that is destroying the Earth, and therefore denies them the possibility of ever having a livelihood. :The poor," the Assembly concluded, "required of those in solidarity with them a dedication to saving the source of their livelihood, the Earth." CELL is located in a 1.2 hectare land that the Noel Mondejar Foundation provided rent-free for 15 years. The dynamism and hard word of the founders of CELL continue to create a largely self-sufficient Ecozoic farm comprising a home farm, working woodlands, productive gardens, and restful grounds.

A world where humans live in harmony with the rest of Creation through living in harmony with one another in a just society.

To contribute to the Great Work, whereby humans learn to move from a stance of destroyer of the Earth Community to a stance that is mutually enhancing.

To operate a spirituality center that will propagate the New Story of Creation as a means of alerting the human to the current ecological and social crisis and awaken in them a vision that will give a direction for action at the present moment in history.



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